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Lady Gaga “You And I” song sounds like …

Kenny Casanova

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  • It really does sound like Breathe.
    Don’t forgot the beat is sampled from We Will Rock You!
    Check out what someone posted about this song (there’s a good comparison between You and I and Breathe)

  • I have to agree with you. I actually was listening to you and I for the first time in my car and my first thought (not knowing who it was) thought wow Shania Twain is on this station? I really thought it was her. I love this song I am not trying to down Gaga, I immediately when home to try to find this new song by Shania and I was very surprised to see it is not Shania but Lady Gaga. I think wither she did it on purpose or not it is genius, I feel it will draw in the country crowds… Go Gaga!

  • I was alos bothered by the “It’s been a long time” line. and after hours and hours of searching, i found this song — “What’s Up” of the 4 Non-Blondes! That’s where the one-line similarity is! and not only that one line if you listen (even not closely) you’ll hear that the whole melody as well is the same! But im not a gaga hater. I still love You and I! 😀

    • YES! I actually googled that line to try and find which song it was stuck in my head. Thanks! :O)

    • the first time I heard this song I also immediately thought of 4 non blondes, ‘what’s up’. I’ve got nothing against Gaga but people refer to her originality all the time and it isn’t quite the case!

  • I think maybe Bruce Springsteen It’s Been a Long Time. Not only does it have that exact lyric in the middle of it but the beat if slowed down sounds a bit like You and I.

  • Also check out Louis Armstong- It’s Been a Long Time

  • Reminds me of Garth Brooks’ song titled More Than A Memory.
    Get to about the 30-35 second mark.

  • I found the song with the line!!

    Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

    It’s been a long time since i rock and roll…

  • COME ON PEEPS!!! “We will, we will Rock you” (beat)..Beat-beat-BEAT!! …Helloooo??…Lol, just kidding, but seriously, the one part in particular has the exact beat and timing (@ “…tastes like whiskey when you turn me on…”)
    Logic tells me, maybe approached Dr. May to use a bit of the beat (he wrote “We Will Rock You”), and perhaps she got him interested in the song, and he ended up working on it with her. I don’t know, but maybe…?

  • Yeah, it definitely sounds like a mixture of the “4 Non Blondes” song and “2am.” Almost every time this song comes on I think it’s one of the older (better) songs. Then I hear Gaga and I say “aaah fuck!” :–(

  • I’m so tired of all this “He stole this from this” and “she sampled this” nonsense. You and I may sound really similar to all of these but as a musician, I know that it’s difficult to make a song now that doesn’t sound similar to another especially if two songs follow the same chord progression (which tends to be the same for A LOT of songs anyway). I wish people could just relax and listen to music without having to analyze everything. You do make really valid points and I don’t mean this against you.

    • Sam – I get what you are saying. There is really something to be said for the old saying “everything has been done before.” This is probably why Hollywood is re-doing every god movie we grew up with. It is just annoying though sometimes. To see a remake sometimes to something you really enjoyed at one point never really does it justice.

  • I love Lady Gaga…yet,i dont understand how its acceptable that almost all of her hits are a mixture of old pop songs …Souldnt she call her songs “cover-songs”…or remixes…I think that “You and i”sounds like”Whats Up”…

  • Occasionally you just have to have a break from listening to the regular
    songs on your playlist. Of course, you’re still going to want to make sure that it’s going to be worth the money.

  • Am I the only one that things that this song sounds like david gray’s ‘be mine’ ?

  • It’s so funny cause she covered that 4 no. Blondes song a while back and it’s eerily similar…..

  • I just feel like it’s too convenient that most, if not all, of Lady Gaga’s popular songs sound so similar to other artist’s hit songs. I hate it when people talk about her being so original. Wearing a dress of meat might be original, but her music is not.

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