Same Sex Wedding DJ


We are happy that EVERYONE can finally get married in the United States of America. To book an experienced Gay-Friendly & Same Sex Wedding DJ Service in the Albany, Saratoga Springs NY, Western MA, and Bennington VT areas… call us, fill out the form to the right or drop us an email!

Our DJs already have experience in gay-friendly / same sex weddings and we know this experience is helpful. We also know that many same sex couples do not want to just “fit into a typical cookie-cutter wedding format” that doesn’t work for them. Let us help make your night special and customize it to fit your every need!

Gay Wedding DJ - Same Sex Wedding DJ
Same Sex Wedding DJ


•Same Sex Wedding Experience
•Interactive events, dances, & activities
•Huge Laser Dance Light Show
•Professional Photography Package
•Radio Personality Experience & Mic Work
•Ring Announcer-like Awesome Intro
•Karaoke Package with a huge track library
•Customization For Playlist
•Professional Bose Gear
•200,000 song library
•Our Music Video LCD Package


WEDDING WORKSHEET ACTION – We provide to brides / grooms a custom same sex wedding worksheet and song idea list so the night comes off EXACTLY how you want it to. The worksheet really is what you make of it; you can spend 5 minutes on the worksheet, or 5 hours! It is up to you.

We optimize your music selections, provide audience interaction, and entertain by keeping your guests laughing, dancing, and singing along to create memories that last a lifetime. And most of all, we put the spotlight on the brides & grooms… not on us.

WEDDING PLANNING – Plan the music and the order of activities with us on our custom worksheet.We play your favorite music, take requests, or take care of the selections for you. We do not force music on you that you do not want to hear and will not just play THE YMCA, or I KISSED A GIRL, thinking the obvious. You hear what is right for your wedding.

We also outline all the events for you so everything comes off smoothly without anything missed.

LINE DANCES – These are great for some weddings, and not so much for others. Circle the ones you want, or cross them all out! Our worksheet lays out the typical wedding group activities / dances that you select like: The Cha Cha Slide, Thriller, Staying Alive, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA, The Limbo, The Apache (Old School), The Twist, all your favorites and more! (The only one we personally hate is the dreaded Chicken Dance. For this one, you have to beg us.)

FEMALE DJ REQUEST? – No problem.  If you are not comfortable with a male DJ, or really just want to rock the XX chromosomeDJ Maria is ready rock! She has provided same sex wedding DJ services for tons of local couples and has great reviews to boot!


AFFORDABLE PHOTOGRAPHY  – We currently employ our own affordable photographers (and work closely with a wedding officiant, as well as a make up artist) in an attempt to help you save money. Our affordable photo package gets you a thumb-drive at the end of the night with 400-1000 images on the average for immediate sharing. (No edits/prints.) This is perfect for the couple that want the rights for the pictures but are not looking to pay for a big print package.

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