Indian Wedding DJ

Indian Wedding DJ
Albany NY Indian Wedding DJ


INDIAN WEDDING MUSIC SERVICES – Planning a Pakistani music wedding? Looking for Bollywood classics and modern Punjabi hits? We have experience in bringing Indian wedding traditions to weddings in Albany, Saratoga Springs and other points in Upstate New York.

EXPERIENCE – Our ethnic Indian wedding DJ service allows for exactly what you are looking for without having to fly someone in. We have lined up Baaraats, had a hand in planning Indian milk traditions, brother/sister teasing traditions, cake activities and the like. Our Indian Wedding DJ service includes:

  • Indian Song Idea Lists / Worksheets
  • Best Baaraat Entrance Songs
  • Hindu / Indian classical music – Kirtan, Bhajan
  • Pakistani Music
  • Classic, Traditional & Modern Bollywood
  • Latest top Indian Wedding dance Songs
  • Groom Teasing Songs & Activities
  • The Latest in Punjabi Music


CUSTOMIZE YOUR INDIAN MUSIC DJ PLAYLIST –  Our DJs take pride in giving you the music you want to hear. We plan with our customers using a worksheet process to precisely create the perfect play list for you. We never force people into hearing stuff that possibly only the DJ wants to hear.  Whether you want to provide us with your own music, or a list of favorites, your ethnic requests WILL BECOME A REALITY.

Ethnic Wedding Music Services in Albany NY

BOOKING – Book the #1 Ethnic Service DJ in our area, our DJ’s always play all the appropriate music and organize ethnic dance activities & formalities to your culture necessary for the success of your event. Call us today for a quote to determine exactly what you want and need for your event, and how we can make it happen for you. 518-506-3305.

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