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Sweet 16 DJ in Albany NY ~ Customize The Fun


We know that not all clients are the same and neither are our Sweet 16 celebrations. We believe that each and every birthday girl/boy Sweet 16 event should be custom tailored to fit YOUR every desire.

This is why we give all our clients a planning sheet. You can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours and this way your voice is heard.

DOWNLOAD HERE – Worksheet – Sweet 16

TheDJservice DJs take a whole lot of pride in our work. Our ability to perform the best in mobile DJ services at every Sweet 16 Celebration really comes from allowing YOU to have your voice heard and not just following a cookie-cutter plan that everybody gets.

Our goal is to give our sweet sixteen clients “the power of the people” with a personalized touch that sets the tone for the guests as YOU want it to be set. Our goal is to help make that special someone achieve a memorable once-in-a-lifetime party that they can remember happily for their whole life, long after hey are grown up and on their own. A Sweet 16 happens only once, so we aim to make it special for your special person.


  • MOCK-TAIL HOUR – Do you want a more relaxed setting as guests are arriving?
  • CANDLE LIGHTING – A candle Candle Lighting ceremony?
  • FATHER DANCE – Do you want a special dance with the honoree
  • MUSIC SELECTION – Music is all about the taste of the people listening to it. How much music should be devoted to the younger crowd and how much to play for the adult generation?

These are just a few of the many questions and details that we will work out with each sweet 16 client.


Music makes it better! Some would argue that even if the food turned out awful, an awesome DJ music library can save the day. Music is perhaps, then, the most important aspect of every successful sweet 16 birthday party.

OUR DJ MUSIC LIBRARY – Our music library contains every top 100 Billboard Hit from 1947 up , ethnic tracks and thousands of the very most popular songs of all time. We can play music for the kids as well as family members and adults when needed. Our worksheet gives you the opportunity to get down some of your favorite tracks on paper, as well as fill out a “DO NOT PLAY” list so that the night comes off without a hitch. It is important to us to have a general idea of the type of music you want in order to make the party a true success for you.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES – Our DJs are experienced at making the event fun for guests of all ages. If you are want a fun / interactive disc jockeyservice in the Capital Region to keep the party moving, then you have found it! At your request, we will incorporate music, line dances, games, contests and other activities throughout the celebration. Our ability to entertain your guests is a skill that very few of our competitors have and creates great fun – setting your birthday party apart from all the others.

PARTY PROP PACKS – If you like the kind of party where the DJ has all kinds of little goodies and give-a-ways, you may want to invest in one of our party prop packages. Making this feature ala cart is great because you are not forced to buy anything you do not want built into the price. You can bring your own swag, skip it to save money, or have us bring a custom package for you.

Drop us a line anytime and tell us how you would like to customize your birthday party event!


Sweet 16 DJ in Saratoga

EXTRA PACKAGE OPTIONS – Customization can be key to making it a night everyone will always remember. There are many ways you can make this special event a success. Karaoke, Laser Lights, and our own Music Videos package are some extras that might individualize the night into a success. Also, other options like  Live Turntable mixing and even a Powerpoint slideshow of the special birthday girl/boy first 16 years may be packages that could work well.

Sweet 16 DJ Albany NY

PICK YOUR OWN MUSIC! We always play all the latest tracks you want to hear, along with some of your favorite throwbacks. Our DJs work with our Sweet 16 clients to create the perfect sweet s ixteen playlist, rather than force people into hearing stuff that possibly only the DJ wants to hear. And we promise, we NEVER play cheesy songs like the dreaded “Chicken Dance,” unless you absolutely beg!!!

SAVE YOUR DATE TODAY – Book us,  #1 ranked DJ on  google.com in our area, to organize the dance activities & formalities necessary for the success of your event.  Feel free to call  OR TEXT us today for your quote and how we can make it happen for you.          518.506.3305.

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