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Wedding Prime Rib & Chicken – Bait & Switch

Kenny Casanova

Albany Weddings DJ Kenny Casanova is an event disc jockey for "The DJ" out of Upstate, NY. He has been DJ’ing for over 15 years transitioned out of sports announcing into becoming one of the best Wedding DJs in his area. Winning awards and "BEST OF" titles from Capital Region Living Magazine and Metroland, DJ Kenny Casanova is well sought-after and is booked solid with a few gigs every weekend. For booking information, call 518-506-3305. Visit www.theDJservice.comDJ Kenny Casanova for more information about how to keep everyone happy at a wedding reception.

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  • Kenny – no doubt we just read your blog and I laughed my balls off. The chicken switch is a bullshit move. Were getting hitched up in two weeks and everybody is getting prime rib. If I was a dj and got the chicken switch I would just keep playing the theme song from Sanford and son. You seem like a pretty cool cat. Typically I think dj’s are tools and I’m not letting the one at my wedding talk. I would let you give the toast. Good luck with your meats. I agree I think chicken is for vegans and faggots.

    • Ha! Thanks! But really, man. When everyone is pounding some serious prime rib, and the waitress brings you a turkey club (happened once in Saratoga, I kid you not), that is a pretty brutal thing to do. My dogs would bite them for that.

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