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top 100 dubstep tracks for 2012

Top 100 Dubstep song list

Kenny Casanova

Albany Weddings DJ Kenny Casanova is an event disc jockey for "The DJ" out of Upstate, NY. He has been DJ’ing for over 15 years transitioned out of sports announcing into becoming one of the best Wedding DJs in his area. Winning awards and "BEST OF" titles from Capital Region Living Magazine and Metroland, DJ Kenny Casanova is well sought-after and is booked solid with a few gigs every weekend. For booking information, call 518-506-3305. Visit www.theDJservice.comDJ Kenny Casanova for more information about how to keep everyone happy at a wedding reception.

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  • dotexe, tristam, fonik, ephixa, vexare, klaypex and most of all adventure club have no spots??? If i made a list thats all id put for 1 – 25 with some nero and skrillex mixed in >:( meanwhile datsik has 4!

  • I only took a quick look but:

    Common mistake: Bangarang is Moombahton, a sub genre of Electro House
    Even if you debated sub genre’s existence, Bangarang would go in Electro House, slowed down. It’s clearly not 140bpm, not shuffled, not a half beat. Not Dubstep. Wub sounds do not make Dubstep and are found in Drum and Bass, Glitch hop, Electro House, Progressive House, etc. It’s like saying a song is rock because it has guitar. Some people would say “big deal, so what?” but to have a Moombahton EH track as #1 on a Dubstep list instantly makes the list unreliable and confusing for newbs. :/

    Deadmau5 “Move for Me” and “I Remember” with Kaskade are Electro House tracks. Ghosts N Stuff is as well but there is Dubstp remix by Nero that you didn’t mention. Deamau5 has maybe 2 Dubstep tracks and some remixes.

    There are a lot of other mistakes here but this a year old so i don’t know that anyone is concerned.
    Like, I’m in the House – Steve Aoki (feat. Zuper Blahq)? There is little known “The Count Aka Herves Burning Down Your House Remix” but you didn’t mention it and no one spins it. I’m in the House was a top Electro House track.

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