Turntable – Live Mixing

Turntable Live Mixing Package
Turntable Live Mixing Package

Kickin’ it old school!

Want that old school throwback feel for your wedding or party? Do you want your guests to rock out to, “two turntables & a microphone?” B-boys beware!

You can certainly have an elegant wedding with a scratch master after dinner. DJ Kenny Casanova can transform a classy cocktail hour & reception dinner with his 2-hype, 2-legit, “wheels of steel” in mere seconds.  Word!

Spinning stupid-fresh tracks in live turntable style,  DJ Kenny “Scratch-a-nova” will work with you to create a sound that expresses your inner “mac daddy” style and personality. Casanova will dig deep into his wax crates to create an upbeat, live action, turntable vibe for your modern wedding!

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