DJ Jason Southwick

jason southwick
DJ Jason Southwick

Do you have a sweet 16 coming up? How about a wedding? DJ Jason Southwick is booked almost every weekend and really catching on in our Coxsackie/Ravena territory.

DJ Jason Southwick is quickly becoming a very sought after music service entertainer.

Specializing in modern contemporary music, weddings, and country music, DJ Jason Southwick is very good at reading the crowd. He is also great with dances and karaoke.

Jason is truely a mobile DJ in all the senses of the title. He is all about making the party happen, no matter where it may be and even under power restraints. His knowledge of music and experience and expertise in making parties happen in remote places, perhaps without proper electricity, set him above and beyond the rest. 

“Have a mountain man redneck hillbilly party in the boonies where an electric can opener trips the breaker? No problem… Been there, done that!”

DJ Jason Southwick will electrify your party.


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