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  • 518-506-3305. Affordable Wedding DJs in Saratoga, NY with a huge library of new music & classics. Plus Digital Photography & Lights.

Do you seek the #1 DJ in music entertainment and lighting services for your wedding party in Saratoga Springs, New York?

The search can be stressful for the perfect wedding vendors. Let’s face it, there are a ton of DJs in Saratoga, but man, a bunch of them look terrible! Maybe your wedding day or event coming up at, The Museum of Dance, Saratoga Wilton Elks Club, The Gideon Putnum or The Inn at Saratoga Ballroom, and the DJ is the last thing on your list.


Why settle for the rest of the silly gray-bearded Jerry Garicia disc jockeys who love to rock out to the Macarena and the oh-so dreaded Chicken Dance? DJ Kenny Casanova is “The Bee’s Knees of DJs and Emcees” & DJ Maria is the area’s #1 female DJs!

As a wedding and party specialist, DJ Kenny Casanova and DJ Maria of brings to you:
•250,000 song library
•Music Video Package
•Professional Gear Bose L1 Stick & Peavey
•Digital Slideshow Projection
•Professional Photography “The DJ Cam” •Interactive events, dances, & activities
•Sports Broadcasting Experience
•Karaoke & with huge track library
•DJ/MC experience since 1996
•Radio Personality Experience
•Ring Announcer Experience: WWF / WWE
•Huge Laser Show
•Very affordable prices!!!


Do you want more information on how to book DJ Kenny Casanova, DJ Maria or our other fine disc jockies for your wedding or special event?

Drop us a line at 518-506-3305, or email us at – where we are always providing affordable fun, experience, and great music for your special occasion!

Check out for more information!


Here are some local contacts from our wedding hall list that where have recently partnered with to create awesome weddings in ‘Toga!

1) Museum of Dance – 99 S Broadway – Saratoga Springs, NY – (518) 584-2225
Website   –    Menu   –    Directions    –   Pictures   –   Email

2) Hall Of Springs – 108 Ave of The Pines – Saratoga Springs, NY – (518) 583-3003
Website   –    Menu   –    Directions    –   Pictures   –   Email

3) Inn at Saratoga – 231 Broadway Street – Saratoga, New York – (518)583-1890
Website   –    Menu   –    Directions    –   Pictures   –   Email

4) Longfellows – 500 Union Ave – Saratoga Springs, NY – (518)587-0108
Website   –    Menu   –    Directions    –   Pictures   –   Email

5) The Saratoga Hilton – 534 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY – (518) 693-1004
Website   –    Menu   –   Directions   – Email

6) Universal Preservation Hall – 25 Washington St, Saratoga Springs – (518) 690–0293
Website   –    Email